Portland Owner Alleged to Already Have GM Candidate


Interesting gossip coming out of Oregon courtesy of Willamette Week:

"WW has learned Mike Golub, a senior advisor for Vulcan Sports & Entertainment, a sister company of Paul Allen's Trail Blazers franchise [and part owners of the Seattle Sounders], is under consideration for a new gig as the general manager for Merritt Paulson's Major League Soccer franchise."

Looks like Paulson might be trying to fish in Seattle pond already. I love it. We've seen what RBNY's coach-poach of Juan Carlos Osorio has done for the rivalry, perhaps more raids on front office's will help add fuel to the fire in Cascadia (not that 30+ year old hatreds need much fuel).


PDX Pup said...

Or not...the Blazers turned around and nearly upended the stadium deal last week when they came into the City Council meeting saying they opposed any deal that put a baseball stadium in the Rose Quarter, which is what the MLS stadium deal hinged on...this, after months of the Blazers being on board with Paulson and the stadium plans. Blazers are back-stabbers and I can't see Paulson being extraordinarily happy with them for nearly lampooning the entire deal.

Lucas said...

What PDX Pup said.

I'm a season ticket holder for both the Timbers and Blazers, but the Blazers pissed off me and a bunch of other people with that dirty trick last week. I'd be surprised if Paulson wants anything to do with Paul Allen (*spit*) for a while.

joel es latest soccer news said...

It is great to see the Northwest receiving recognition and expansion.