NSR: U2 "Magnificant"

That first single from the new U2 album was The Worst Song Ever Recorded By Adults, Ever™. This song however is more like the U2 of old --or more like mid-period U2 at least-- and I'm kinda into it today. Really people, is there a guitarist from the last 30 years with a more distinct sound than The Edge?


Darwin said...

Their new album is amazing! I would have to disagree on your take on Get On Your Boots. If you listen to the new album from track 1 on thru, GOYB hits you in a very pleasant way. I believe its track 6. Its actually the Black Sheep of the album and offers the listeners a change of pace.

Wolfie said...

U2 is the Bon-Jovi of Generation X

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe Bon Jovi is the Bon Jovi of Generation X.

We rocked in Junior High as well.

M. Komar said...

The Edge is awesome with his original sound.
I can only say that Kevin Shields and Jonny Greenwood have their own distinct sound.
I'm only gonna be throwing in Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo, not because he has a distinct style, but he's just a fucking monster.

ben said...

U2 gets away with writing a lot of crap. i'm going with rollins on the side of the U2 argument.

and there are plenty of guitarists who are immediately identifiable by their sound no matter what project they are working.