Michael Bradley Interviewed at FIFA.com


FIFA.com had a sit down with Baby Bradley recently where he discussed playing in Europe, his brace against Mexico, his transfer from Metrostars to Heerenveen and other things that professional athletes talk to reporters about. Read it here.

Don't you love the headline on the article? Even FIFA's trying to keep us down. Amazing.


Leonardo said...

Fifa needs a real president. like a dude from Africa. that's where it's at! then we'll get a legitimate leader, not some euro trash who bashes US all the time.

Anonymous said...

Fifa's just a hater. They realize that if the US ever puts the $$ in soccer that they do stick ball or pointy ball, the rest of the world will be peeing in their panties. Yeah, they want to keep us down. But whatever, the guy's wife doesn't wash her armpits, so I don't blame him for being grumpy.

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