The Librarian: East End Heroes, Stateside Kings


Frank Dell'apia's piece on Soccernet today about Portland mentions old-school Timbers Clyde Best and Clive Charles and it just reminded me that I was supposed to tell you about a book I bought over the holidays. East End Heroes, Stateside Kings is about three West Ham football players (Best, Charles & Ade Coker) who left England to make an impact in America. After the NASL Best went on to coach the Bermudan national side, Charles took the U.S. Women to the World Cup and Coker went on to paly for the U.S. before he hung up his boots. A good read if you're looking to brush up on the 70's era of U.S. soccer history.


Capello said...

If I recall correctly there's a painting somewhere in PGE park that pays tribute to Clive Chrales and others. Also the University or Portland dedicated their Soccer field(ex Melrlo field) to him. The Clive Charles soccer complex.

equus said...

Does the other team's jersey say "Boogers?" :)