K.C. Wizards Bring Sexy Back With New Dancers


Now this is what I'm talking about. LA, you can keep your waifs in flip-flops. NY, I love you but I'm over your hip hop video hoes and anorexic indie princesses. There ain't nothing like a fit, "healthy" & friendly Midwestern girl. Nuh. Thing. They'll get it in at the club with you on Saturday night and go over to your momma's house with you for lunch after church on Sunday afternoon. Solid catches for real. The only thing better than one of those is 16 of them.

This season the Wizards are keeping 5 of the old Starting XI Girls and merging them with 11 dancers (a few of which were liberated from the dance team of K.C.'s Arena Football League team, The Bridage) to form a new supergroup of scandalous-ass, middle-American, stadium-sized sex appeal for the whole family. Sure, the math of that doesn't add up for sh*t but they're doing a calendar so I'm voting to let some things slide.

So screw all that business about the purity of the game; this is the type of Americanization I can get down for.


Anonymous said...

i love my wizards

Anonymous said...

me likey

Anonymous said...

Come up to upstate ny, cornfeds an understatement lmao