I'm So Vain, I Probably Think This Post is About Me

Despite all contrary, geeky appearances in the video above I have in fact seen a woman naked and do not live in my mother's basement. It's just that I was high on hope.


New Found Madness said...

The "choir of angels" reference was good...I can relate.

Bill said...

In the words of Ogre from Revenge of the nerds..."NERDS!"

mind you I'm a chicago fan and extremely jealous.

Cindy said...

you are too amusing and obviously a big deal haha

Brian said...

Dude, no, that was cool. We can all relate! Actually, that's why I'm writing. Please do something to promote DC United getting a stadium. Apparently the deal might be falling through the cracks, and seriously, this is our last shot at getting a stadium. DC United posted a form for anyone to fill out and let the politicians in Maryland know that getting a stadium is a good idea. Tell that you'll road trip it every weekend, whatever. We may hate the Red Bulls on the pitch, but off it, we're all soccer fans. Here's the link to the form: