Dear AEG, The League Schedule is Not an Outlook Calendar.


The New York Times reported last night that LA Galaxy will play Inter Milan in LA on July 16th, just one day after David Beckham becomes available for their squad and just 3 days before they play A.C. Milan, also at the HDC.

Now either "The Paper of Record" has gotten some of the details wrong or AEG is on suicide run to drain every last drop of cash from the Beckham money train before it leaves the station for good. If true, the effects will reverberate all the way to the east coast; LA's match against RBNY had already been moved from the 19th to the 16th to accommodate the A.C. Milan match and would have to be moved again to make room for Inter in LA's schedule. Are they really that hell-bent on exploiting their prize asset?


Anonymous said...

thats just retarded.

andrewk said...

Sure they brought us Beckham, but with the way LAG handles their shit sometimes i feel like they're a disgrace to the league.

Jason D said...

I'm not a Galaxy fan, but can't we get one of those oil sheik guys over here to buy the club from AEG?

Binks said...

With all the bad press surrounding this guy and the fact that he wants leave for Italy, the best that AEG could do is bring over two Italian rivals to come play nearly back to back games?

The genius of these stupid bastards really never ceases to amaze me.

They should have taken the 30-50 million and been done with the cunt. God knows any season ticket holder in this league wants this bullshit experiment done already so we can move on and have our league back from those that weren't here for more than a game and the league attempted to family size everything for them at the expense of everyone else.

joel es latest soccer news said...

It's all about money. Jason D That is funny. Its too bad that we cant get Steinbrenner or Mark Cuban to back several teams. lol