Beckham Transfer Debacle May Have Reached It's Conclusion


So the LA Times is reporting that Brand Beckham, LA Galaxy & AC Milan have worked out some bizarre scenario to get everyone what they want; Milan gets Becks for the remainder of the season, Becks gets out of LA (eventually) and LA still gets to milk the man for all he is worth.
The basic rundown is that he finishes the season in Milan, sits out six weeks waiting for the MLS transfer window to open on July 15th. After the season ends he off to AC Milan for good.

If this is in fact how it all plays out, and let's be honest here it's just crazy enough to be true, those last 13 games could be hatefests for everyone involved...except for the person adding up the ticket sales. Becks is gonna hate having to come back to play in MLS and the fans, I predict, are going to hate on him for the walking away from MLS. Oh it's going to be a long summer.


Gregg said...

The hatefest from the fans is going to be awesome. Terrific atmosphere for those of us watching this retardedness that aren't Galaxy fans.

Chicago booed the shit out of this guy last year, I really can't wait for this year's game (in August). The Beckham fans will have stopped coming and the real fans will be left booing the shit out of this overated quitter.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Gregg, it's gonna be awesome. Beckham can be sold as the bad guy like a WWE Wrestlemania Tour!

For us in Chicago, NY and SJ who got screwed one way or another by AEG, this is sweet news!

Bring the hate (passion) MLS fans and make the season memorable.

- Curtis S.

Anonymous said...

Time to start brainstorming some hate banners. Sounds like NY gets first crack.

Rene said...

I'm a Galaxy fan and I'll also be booing him.

Anonymous said...

we booed him last summer in NY. I hope bruce benches him too.

Mike said...

What makes this deal even better is that LA is essentially wasting 400 grand in cap space.

Looks like yet another season of failure at Victoria Street!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Beckham.