And Speaking of the Press...


What does it say about the sad, sad state of the traditional media that in the same week that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ceases publication after 146 years, the Portland Business Journal is reduced to quoting the Facebook page of a Timbers fan in an effort to not get left behind?

The revolution may not be televised, but that sh*t will definitely be open source and come via a high-speed connection. LOL :)


joel es latest soccer news said...

Top News sources need to change with the times or will be left in the dust.

JL said...

people have already noticed that media is biased and useless. you could log in to news sources from other countries and get the news as it happens. plus the fact that our current economy is in borrow and pay later mode makes financial matters worse for news papers. if it wasn't for the internet, i would never have updated news about our lovely sport of football/soccer.