All-Out Attack: MLS Making Big Media Splash This Week


Last year, more than a few people commented on the lack of press bang leading up to First Kick 2008. The same certainly can't be said about 2009 though. The Beckham saga, as obnoxious as the whole exercise was, served well as a scouting mission letting people know that after a few months off the league is still doing it's thing. During phase 2, which took place earlier this week, Seattle and it's famed Corporal Drew Carey warned everyone that the season is coming...and soon.

Now comes the 3-step shock & awe phase of Operation: Dominate the News Cycle, which relies heavily on a full-frontal assault in the Pacific Northwest theater led by General Don "G. Love" Garber.
America, you are ours. It is useless to resist us. Pledge your allegiance now or go the way of Arena Football.


vic10 said...

MLS is doing the right moves, but the MLS should be ready for the NFL, NBA, MLB because they will try to keep us down. MLS should be ready to fight agaisnt those leagues, plus dont forget about the UFL, starting soon. The UFL is getting on MLS's way of expanding. Lets kill the UFL before the UFL takes our expansion cities. This is for the real football

joel es latest soccer news said...

MLS is improving little by little. Charismatic figure, Drew Carey, has benefited the MLS tremendously.