What's Cooking In New England? Food, Apparently.


I'm not sure what's going on in revs land but it all seems to be about food as of late. The other day TT, Albright & a few others were getting all Emril on us and making mustard crusted rack of lamb served with goat cheese stacked potatoes and pink peppercorn au jus, which sounds infinitely better than the stadium dog & soggy nachos they serve at Gillette.

To add some salt to the pepper, now there's video of Matt "Jim Halpert" Reis conducting experiments with Jello that only a foot fetishist would approve of. Still, a Jello jersey sponsorhip would be kinda rad, especially if they had shot girls on game day. J.E.L.L.O yeah.


M. Komar said...

I am happy to see that the awkward Taylor Twellman moments have returned to the site. They always make me laugh.

andrewk said...

the Revs blog says that this all went down on Saturday morning. The guys are drinking Heinies in several of the pictures. I wonder how early in the morning it was.

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