Video: Some Jerry Talking About Landon

I used to date a girl named Holly who spoke German. She really thought it was a sexy language and would bust it out from time to time during the whole seduction process. Now maybe it's because I watch too many WWII films and could play Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 'til the Berlin Wall falls, but when I hear that language I immediately think "Must. Use. Bayonet." It's just so unattractive to me, even if it's being cooed from Heidi Klum's mouth with a riding crop between her teeth.

Anyway, I have no idea what this dude is on about but it's to do with Lando. Kraut-o-philes enjoy.


Braneck said...

Mentions the newspaper interview in which Bayerns owner states he doesn't see Landycakes as necessary in the future, with Toni, Klose, the Mochendgladbach striker, and hopefully a younger project striker rounding out a four man strike force. And shit.

Anonymous said...

I read that as "John Terry Talking About Landon"

Mikebsiu said...

first this is from a sports betting website, and it says that Rummenigge talked about Donovan in a newspaper. Says they got 4 strikers, wants to see a younger one. Donovan would cost around 8 million euro, and he is on loan from the Galaxy.