Video: Bleary Bocanegra Creeps Out the Nation on ESPN News

Can someone please get Carlos Bocanegra some VISINE®? Dude's got amphetamine eyes and is obviously as tired as Kanye's glasses because he doesn't even understand the first question that is asked of him. Poor 'Los...must soooo jet-lagged. I ain't baggin' on him though, I'd just like to see him get proper ocular care in exchange for his service to country (and ESPN News) so he doesn't look like the walking dead on national television. Is that too much to ask?


adikus said...

give 'los his due... he was wary enough not to let anyone take a picture of him with bong in hand

Fish said...

Clear eyes is awesome.

andrewk said...

What kind of question is that to lead off with. This ESPN guy sucks. ESPN sucks in general.