U.S. vs. Mexico: The SI Photo Hype


If you have a minute head to SI.com and check out their photo essay on the Top 10 U.S.-Mexico match ups. I disagreed with the greatness of a few of their selections, but that's most likely because I fail to see anything great in the U.S. getting clocked 4-0 by anyone, let alone Mexico. Good thing I'm not a journalist otherwise I would have to feign impartiality about all this.


Str8Red said...

I would have tried to work in the 4-0 pasting that the yanks put on El Tri in 1995 at RFK - the first international match I ever saw live, and it was incredible.

ERic said...

That one wasn't included????!???!

I was there as well, and it was the second time a US pasting caused the dumping of a Tri coach. (right? First one was the Gold Cup in ...'93?)

That was a hint of what was to come down in Copa America.

Sad that it wasn't included. In a list of 10, no less.

ERic said...

Ah, now that I've looked over the pics, it must've been the GC in '91 that the US beat Mexico. So much for my memory. And laziness to not look it up.