U.S. vs. Mexico: Not All Beef Originates on A Ranch


Now that The Rumpus in Columbus™ is but a week away, expect the hype to start arriving at NME-pace. Frank "The Tank" Dell'Apa over at ESPN Soccernet gets us started with a great piece on the origins of the U.S.-Mexico rivalry in which Alexi Lalas makes liars out of Bora Milutinovic and Sunil Gulati; His Ginger Majesty™ is the only one of the three prepared to acknowledge the full range of passion involved in this rivalry while the latter claim their is "no hate" between the two sides. Seriously, what games are they watching? Not the same ones I am.

And by the way the image above, created by my people in the North Jersey Brigade, is available on a wonderful commemorative T-shirt that is available from NJBrigade.com. Made from 100% cotton, it's a Classic-cut standard weight Men's Fruit of the Loom T-shirt, perfect for a winter evening screaming obscenities at the television or singing inappropriate songs with 21K of your closest friends.


Lucas said...

I am getting incredibly psyched for this game. It'll be my first US vs MEX game and my first time seeing the US on home soil.

Currently praying for COLD weather. Come on you Yanks!

A.Ruiz said...

I dare you to walk around with that shirt on, I double dare you. Not just around the house or the middle of Sam's Army, but around any major city.

Anonymous said...

"Ginger Majesty" needs to be a new label. Too appropriate!
Dave in San Jose