U.S. vs. Mexico: Majestic Ginger Hype

It's an Alexi Lalas two-fer today. Earlier in the day he took your questions and then, from the looks of this video, he was hustled over to a sound stage where the interviewer asked some of the exact same questions. But surely His Ginger Majesty™ is kidding when he says that U.S. are the only ones under pressure in this game. I'm sure Sven wishes this were the case...apparently he hasn't seen the Mexican papers. They're acting like it's the end of the world down there.

And did anyone else notice the tattoo on Landon's wrist in the video still above? Has he had that for a while or did Becks put him up to that one boozy night on the Venice Beach boardwalk?

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writing a lab report said...

American's just want Lalas to be enthusiastic about USA. They don't necessarily want Klinsmann talking about Germany, Gullit blabbing out the orange, or etc.