U.S. vs. Mexico: Limited Edition Footwear Hype


If you think this limited edition Deuce Dempsey boot looks good now, imagine how pretty it will look firmly planted in Marquez's backside. So fresh, so clean.


Mingo said...

I'd snag one if it came in a fieldturf/indoor version.

Anonymous said...


I've gotta get me a pair.

Some advice would be helpful TOR readers.
I have class tonight from 7:20-10pm (I can't skip it I have a presentation)

Should I.....
a) watch a game stream with no sound in my small screan, before and after my presentation, not watching the whole thing.

b) Gradually check the score on my laptop, and catch the replay of the game tonight a 3am

c) Don't watch any streams or check any updates, go to class, do my presentation, then wait til 3am to watch the whole thing without already knowing the outcome.

Anonymous said...

I would buy those shoes in an instant.

I'm in the same boat, got a midterm 7-9, i was gonna catch it after class on espn360, if it's showing. Campus computers usually have access.

Anonymous said...

watch it at 3 am

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