This Video Will Have You Asking "WTF Did I Just See?"

Question: Which of these individuals makes a totally incongruous appearance in the new music video by comedian-turnt-actor-turnt-singer Jamie Foxx?

A) Career bad MF Samuel L. Jackson
B) SNL legend Garret Morris
C) Vocorder O.G. T-Pain
D) Actor Jake Gyllenhaal
E) Actor/Comedian Bill Bellamy
F) Tatiana Ali aka lil' Ashley Banks for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
G) Acclaimed director Ron "Richie Cunningham" Howard
H) Music legend Quincy Jones
I) Grey's Anatomy star Kathryn Heigl
J) Queen of all things indie Chloe Sevigny
K) Cedric the Entertainer
L) Oscar-winning actor Forrest Whitaker
M) A Panda
N) All of the above

If ever there was a lesson in not doing things just because you can, this is it. Still, it's kinda great to see Opie holding up a glass of champagne in the club as paper rains down from the rafters. Play on playa.


Me Here said...

Christ almighty, pop music has gotten so bad. No... it's not even that it's "bad," really. It's that it's so utterly uninteresting.

Gigi said...

Haha this video definately left me with a WTF look. When did Hype Williams start dropping acid? But I gotta say out of all the celebs...the Panda was my fav.

White Kix said...

You mean Auto-Tune O.G. T-Pain. He doesn't use a Vocoder, he uses Auto-Tune. Plus O.G. is not correct either, since Cher was the first main stream artist to use Auto-Tune as an effect in her song Believe.

Erix said...

Katie Heigl is not in the video, it is Ashley Scott.