This Is The Audience Participation Portion of the Program


If you haven't seen it, click here and see the monstrosity that my boy Jerry Jones is building for America's Team. Coming in at over 660,000 cubic feet and 100,000 capacity it truly is the definition of the word "enormodrome". It is a monument to one of my home states most beloved stereotypes ('Everything's bigger in Texas') and I am in awe of it. If you really want to feel the scope & size of this behemoth, check out the inside and outside webcams.

Now, ol' Jonesy just let slip in an article about George Strait --I know, it's getting hella country around here real quick but stick with me-- that in addition to already securing several college football games, the NBA All-Star Game, an NCAA men's Final Four basketball tournament and the 2011 Super Bowl (which I am soooo going to) he's "also pursuing a large international soccer match for the summer, but the teams have not been finalized".

Feel free to speculate all you want in the comments as to what that game could be. I'm going to say that whatever it is, it WILL involve Mexico --who the hell else would fill anywhere close to 100K seats in Texas-- and it will be one of the latter rounds of the Gold Cup or the final itself.


Jared said...

When you say that it "will involve Mexico" and that it could be the Gold Cup final, you're committing a grievous error.

I'd put 2 to 0 odds on it, in fact...

SF said...

Perhaps it should say "or" instead?

Jeff said...

Inter v AC Milan

Anonymous said...

It'll clearly be FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo

Anonymous said...

brought to you from the same douchebags that gave us W.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you are talking about Connecticut.

Dave The Hedgehog (Doitchampions youtube channel) said...

i'm from the Uk & we are given the impression tha MLS is dieing on it's arse.
Is this a fact?
It seems that whenever i see an MLS clip that the grounds are always half full at most.

What is the true & honest state of MLS - I think it would be a real shame if Football failed for a second time in the USA.
If anyone wants to take the time to give me an honest opinion please email me at Doitchampions@hotmail.co.uk

SF said...


That impression is more than a bit off. I would suggest considering the source: if you are reading that in any UK paper it is most likely written by someone who doesn't really follow the league.

The only English writers that I personally think could weigh in on MLS with some authority are Martin Rogers and Ian Plenderlieth.