Testify! Footie Freaks Speak Up In Portland


If you're as obsessed with MLS Expansion Death Race 3000™ as I am, then PDX players The 107 Report have given up the good stuff today; one hour of public testimony from last night's meeting of the city's Major League Soccer Task Force. If you're not a Timbers fan or you're not particularly caught up with the roller coaster ride that is expansion, you might have better things to do with 60 minutes. I'm still pulling for Portland, so I had to have a listen. What's going to be your excuse?

Shout out to Michael P. for the link!


David said...

don't forget that the TA are holding a rally march to the city hall this saturday to show the support of an MLS bid.

Capello said...

I'm stealing this image.

SF said...

Please do.

Lucas said...

Listen to that podcast, how it's 26-5 pro/anti, and compare that to the mouth breathing trolls who continually naysay on the blogs and Oregonian articles.

The people who actually care enough to make their voices heard are in support of this. I am (still cautiously) optimistic.

Also that picture brings a little tear to my eye. Well done.

Bruce said...

Thanks for pimping The 107 Report.