Photo of the Day: Red Bull Arena Aerials


My man Fishkin hipped me to the site for WCBS's chopper-cam. They have aerial shots of all 243 sports stadiums that are currently under construction in the New York City area, including Red Bull Arena. A nice peek for all you stadium p0rn enthusiasts.


Anonymous said...

too bad this is for a fanbase that deserves such a fine stadium the least. they won't fill that except on opening day. and what a crappy neighbourhood... hope people don't get mugged after on the subway or have their cars broken into.

DC fans, not the New Joisey fans, deserve a fine stadium like this.

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking kidding me?

Crappy neighborhood?

Wanna not stereotype newark/harrison and realize that the are is MUCH better/safer then it's been.

Typical DC fan who chants, "You still live here!" when walking away from a 4-1 shallacking this past year. gtfo jersey hates you too.

Nick said...

That stadium makes me want to be a better man. Oh so pretty.