Pan Pacific Championship: It's Tomorrow and it's Tony

God bless Tony Sanneh. He's still taller than Gooch wearing platform shoes standing atop a pile of Landon's possibly-fading European dreams and he still wants to play despite the fact that he is aged (for a footballer at least). But you guys gotta help me out with something here: does he have one of those hang-down, handlebar mustaches or are those jowl lines?

In case you forgot, the Galaxy and star midfielder Eddie Lewis kick off 2009 tomorrow night at in the 2nd annual Pan Pacific Championships. Set your DVRs to "Damn, that kickoff is just too late for a workday".


Teddie Boy Eddie said...

"There will be no new steps at the Pan Pacific!"

Laurel said...

Pretty sure there was no actual content in that speech, just empty words taken from some kind of 365-page-a-day inspirational calendar.