NSR: Tough Alliance Really Aren't So Tough

So my obsession for the last few days has been Sweden's The Tough Alliance and I have watched the interesting, yet random promo reel above something like 7 times trying to figure this band out. If I were needing to take the easy route and describe them by genre, I'm not sure I could because there are bits of pop, fruity-assed tropical music and dub thrown into the late 80's Baeleric house mix a la New Order's Technique. But I think the best way to describe them is as "makers".

They make Wham look positively butch. They make headlines in Sweden for flirting with hooligan-esque imagery. They make music that is confusing on the first listen and essential by the third listen. They make video tributes to ODB and the Italian national team. They also make thier own clothes (which surprisingly isn't bad at all). They made a stadium recording of "You'll Never Walk Alone" the outro on one of their albums. I also suspect they made the video for "Neo-Violence" whilst taking pills.

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Housh said...

Love these guys.