Nevada Smith's: The Movie

If you're a New York footie freak chances are that at some point in your career you've started your morning drinking at 7 a.m. and stumbled drunkenly out of the comfortable darkness of Nevada Smiths ("Where Football is Religion") and into the harsh light of morning by 11 a.m. It's just the done thing.

In 2007 Yale student Nisha Lingon spent some time in the legendary bar documenting the various supporters, crazies and ex-pats that frequent NYC's church of soccer, including the ringmaster of the entire boozy circus, Nevada Smith's bartender/Director of Football (seriously, that's his title) Jack Keane. Press 'play' of you've got 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Interesting film, but I am not feeling the Eurosnobs. Come out to a metro game, or shut the fuck up about how you rep your community's side and are a true subculture of fans.

peteo said...

Nice find. Have yet to see at supporters chant inside a bar around my parts.

Jared said...

I've been there a few times now for the RBNY playoffs and US-Mexico, but as a staunch supporter of ManU as well, I think I need to start getting down there more often. Especially since Jack Keane is a ManU supporter.

Oh, and Anon - its Red Bull New York now, I can't stand when people refuse to call things by their new legitimate names. And before you go slamming me without knowing me, I'll point out that I'm a season ticket holder for the Red Bulls.

nisha13 said...

Hey! Glad you guys found the film. It's been sitting around on my hard drive and personal website for ages, and I finally got it up on vimeo. Keep an eye out for my next footie documentary (which will hopefully be much more professional), currently in pre-production, to be filmed in Tanzania over the coming year! www.nishaligon.com

Binks said...

I'm down with what the anonymous guy said at the top.

There is a place in my heart for Nevada's and what magic is truly there, but if you can make it there at 7am you can make it to your home side at Giants Stadium as well.

With that said, many do and are as committed to their local side as they are to being with their friends to watch (yet another) side far from home.

Anonymous said...

"There is a place in my heart for Nevada's and what magic is truly there, but if you can make it there at 7am you can make it to your home side at Giants Stadium as well."

Hm, let's see, I can go to Nevada's to watch any number of extraordinarily talented European sides, or I can go to Giants Stadium to watch the steaming pile of shit that is NYRB.

Yes, those folks are real snobs because they don't want to watch terrible, terrible football.

Anonymous said...

As a regular at Nevada Smiths, I enjoyed what this short film had to offer. Only in NYC will you find a bar like Nevadas... I have spent countless moments in the back garden un-able to watch the final 5min of a game only to find the opposing team fan out there feeling the same thing. I LOVE Nevadas for what it is. I only hope i can still get in on a Sunday to watch with the New York Blues for the rest of my life.
Oh and I am also a NYRB season ticket holder, I have watched finals there for them as well, but there is something special about getting up at 7am to watch EPL..

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