Miami Name Fernando Clavijo Director of Soccer


By my math --which is admittedly crap-- this is something of a lateral move. He was head coach of Colorado but now he's Director of Soccer (whatever that is), which is a lofty title that sounds like a step up. But he was in MLS and now he's in USL 1, so it's kind of a step down. Now throw in the weather factor and that it is Miami instead of Colorado and I think you come out with Miami being on top. But since Miami FC would most likely get pushed to the side if Barcelona get their expansion team next year, being in Miami kinda sucks.

Oh well. At least if Miami FC cease to exist in 2010 he can say that he didn't his job this time because his team was awful.


Adam Spangler said...

weather in CO is better than Miami. no competition - even more sun (yes, that's right)

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