The Merritt Paulson Stump Speech Might Need Some Work


Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson took his case for public money for the proposed improvements to PGE Park (and to build a new AAA baseball park) and MLS expansion to the people. He laid out his case in an editorial column for The Oregonian today; judging by the comments to the article though, he's going to have to shake a lot more hands and kiss every one of the octuplet mom's babies to sell this to some people.


David said...

the oregonian is full of trash trolls.

majority of the city supports this deal, they only need to be educated on it.

most of the complaining is that it isn't MLB or NFL. duh.

Anonymous said...

Man I hope Portland gets in. I'm in NY and I'd love to take in a game in that stadium.

Andrew said...

Funny how many people hate this plan online, compared to at task force meetings(where it actually matters), where it is 4 to 1 in support.

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