Live from the Road to Columbus


Do not adjust your monitors. That photo should be blurry because the guy in it is probably blind drunk at the moment. He's Matthew Schneiderman and he is a North Jersey Brigade legend. He was also the initial inspiration for the ESC's Drunk of the Week award and has been immortalized in a scarf for his courageous experiments with alcoholic beverages while wearing a tri-corner hat.

Anyway this photo was sent to me from the NJB bus which is currently hurtling toward Columbus. When this picture was snapped and sent to me it was 8:48 a.m and Mr. Schneiderman had just finished his 10th Jaegerbomb of the morning; it's gonna be a long day for him.

How are you spending the day of the big game? Feel free to share in the comments or send me your photos or video. As for me I'm spending the day juggling real work, this and trying to resonably contain my excitement for tonight...but I'm not doing a very good job of balancing these things methinks.


Anonymous said...

Keep the posts coming SF... for those of us stuck at work instead of Jaegerbombing in CBus like we should be, you're a guilty secret pleasure..

andrewk said...

Amen, keep em comin! I'm like you SF, trying to get actual work done while my heart and head are in Ohio.

Mingo said...

I'm stuck at work with no access to a TV during the game. My only hope is to find a feed online. Argh!

ERic said...

"but I'm not doing a very good job of balancing these things methinks. "

Me neither. And you're not helping.


SF said...

Streams galore. http://www.atdhe.net

terry said...

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