The Librarian: Soccer Fever


I've been cashing in a gang of Amazon.com gift cards over the past few weeks in hopes of fattening up the rare books room in The Largest Collection of Soccer-Related Literature in Eastern Monmouth County™. Pictured above is a priceless relic I was able to pick up for less than $5 (the Tacoma Public Library's trash is my treasure). It's Soccer Fever: A Year with the San Jose Earthquakes and the year in question is 1975; Pele had come to New York, Jimmy "Wee Jinky" Johnstone was a 'Quake and for a brief period America was truly, madly, deeply in love with footie.

So far it's been like written version of a time capsule, particularly the mentions of the go-go boot clad cheerleaders known as The Shakers. But now I'd love to see someone spend a year with the modern Earthquakes just for the sake of comparison. If you're a San Jose fan or just have an interest in the history of the game in the U.S. I'd highly recommend trying to track down a copy.

If you are looking for more NASL goodness check out DaveBrett.com for an obscene amount of Gerald Ford-era footie knowledge. If it happened on the pitch & in a pair of plumb-smugglers, chances are this guy has it on tape.


Dave Brett said...

I haven't read that. Thanks for writing about it. I have the Earthquakes 1975 and 1976 Highlight films. The crowd atmosphere in San Jose those days was wonderful.

Hey Shawn, when you do these NASL posts, how about a shout out for my NASL web site? www.DaveBrett.com


SF said...


Anonymous said...

You've been loving the Northwest recently. Are you originally from WA/OR?

SF said...

Nope. Texan-born, Louisiana/Texas-raised.

A90 Soccer Enthusiast said...

I'll have to try and track that down. Wasn't George Best over here roughly around that time frame?

I live in San Jose and I am hoping the born again (again) Earthquakes take. It's a club with a lot of (interrupted) history. Some of it does rub off on the community though - things like the sons of '75 Quake fans now playing High School soccer - and some of the people stay, for instance my son has gotten training from Ian Russell.

Maybe it takes a few generations until this sport is deeply enough ingrained in the community