Last Night's Party: JP & Harkes Final Word

Seriously, all of the video content from ESPN over the last few days has been fantastic. Big shouts to the Bristol, CT crew on this one; for an organization that supposedly hates soccer, they really gave it a good look. More please.


Mr. Fish said...

As we discussed last night, Harkes brings ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the ESPN broadcast. He's the ultimate Master of the Obvious, with great comments like "he won the ball" "he's using his speed to his advantage," etc. etc.

When El Tri was bunkering in the first half, when LD was triple teamed, a little insight into how the US should break that down would have been appreciated.

I'd just like a color guy to tell the audience things it can't see by watching the game on its own.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

While I appreciate the amount of coverage that ESPN gave the match, do you think they can get a director who knows how to follow the match? There were several instances where the play was out of the camera view and it took a moment for them to catch up.

Also, can someone kick Jon Anderson in the nuts, or at least punch him in the face, the next time he makes a sarcastic comment about soccer?