Klinsmann Hasn't Given Up On Keeping Landon Donovan


Somewhere in deepest, darkest Germany Juergen Klinnsman is standing below Landon Donovan's window holding aloft a boombox that is playing this song loud enough to wake up Karl-Heinz Rummenigge aka Ol' Sexy Knees from his drunk-with-power induced sleep. Seems Klinnsy just can't quit our Landon. If Donovan gets his sh*t tight it looks like there could be a love triangle involving The Bruce.


Prashanta said...

There is so much going on in that photo.

anon said...

i'm confused. nothing in this article makes me think that Klinsman "can't quit our Landon." If anything, it shows Klinsmann's resignation to the fact that a permanent deal won't happen. But please correct me if i'm missing somethin.