Happy Valentine's Day from T.O.R and Chunky Pam

I got a real special treat for you all today. Chunky Pam (also known as Pamgelina aka The Roley Poley Angelina Jolie aka Heavy Meadow Soprano aka The Chubby Wonder aka Lady Ricotta Erotica aka The Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Blonde aka Curvy Fergie aka The Camden Fantasy aka The Infamous P.A.M aka Bitchy Sambora aka The Dorito Diva) is coming through with a special Valentines Day message for you all. And here you though she was only around at XXXLmas time or when you hit up the Dirty Jersey.

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Steve said...

Holy Crap! Her real name is Ashlie Atkinson, and we were in college theatre together. She won Off Broadway awards for a Stephen LaBute play, Fat Pig. I was wondering what work she had been getting.
Thanks for posting this. Now I need to harass her on facebook to make sure she still remembers me.