Grant Wahl's Beckham Piece for SI Is Basically Awesome


For some time now, SI.com's Grant "I was on Charlie Rose once" Wahl has been working on a book about Beckham's time in America entitled "The Beckham Experiment". I haven't heard it from Grant himself --I don't really know him but I've sat in the same room with him on many occasions--but people tell me he was given a decent amount of access to Becks, his people & and the Galaxy organization for the project.

Now you guys know that I'm something of a cat-lady when it comes to footie books, but I don't own any of the 439 books about David Beckham that are currently on the market. But if the writing is as good and informative as this piece he just did for this week's print issue of SI, I will however buy Grant's book (and maybe this one). You should read the whole thing but here's two juicy bits from the piece that made me pre-order the book from Random House.

Juicy bit number one: "In a move that was never publicized by the team, Beckham's best friend and then personal manager, Terry Byrne, became a paid consultant for the Galaxy and conducted the coaching search that led to the hiring of Ruud Gullit, whose reign of error torpedoed L.A.'s 2008 season. (Byrne was dropped when Gullit was forced out last August, leaving Beckham in a sour mood toward the Galaxy.)" Now that is messed up. If you know your NASL history, you know that's a Giorgio Chinaglia-level of player-meddling in front office business...and you know how well that turned out.

Juicy bit number two: As captain Beckham,"The man who captained England for five years never called one team meeting during L.A.'s nosedive last season." Wow. So much for bringing that much-coveted veteran leadership to the team.


Brian K said...

Did he really compare LA's winless streaks with ManU's and Real Madrid's?

Really? Really!?

andrewk said...

Your Chinaglia analogy is an EXCELLENT point, SF. I dont want Becks coming back at all - the savior has turned into a cancer.

ERic said...

Hey, if LA wants to keep him, I'm more than happy to see the Galaxy keep sucking.

Anonymous said...

Team meetings happen all the time in Europe. Wait a minute, no they don't. Maybe that's why we suck as a soccer country.

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