ESPN Asks "Where Are The Hispanics?"

I apologize if T.O.R is starting to look like a farm team for Soccernet, but I'll be damned if they aren't pushing out some great content lately. They just dropped this 2 part micro-doc about the lack of Hispanic players in American soccer. I asked a similar, yet different question, over a year ago so I guess this is the response.

There certainly are Hispanic players in MLS and US Soccer, but not nearly the amount that you would think given the nation's demographics. Part one is above, while part 2 can be seen at The Kin of Fish.


latinogamer said...

The Hispanics are being overlooked at the youth and collegiate level because the player do not acclimate to the American style of soccer that is played at those levels.

A. Ruiz said...

Right because they don't have access to the same high level club teams from a young age. 8-10 years old.

I live in Chicago and our fields are usually on public parks and mostly dirt and weeds.

When I drive out to visit my mom in Arlington Heights. I pass through soccer complexes fit for Real Madrid. I actually whistled out loud when I first saw them.

JL said...

Growing up I always wanted to play pro in the US. But pro soccer camps where too expensive and very very far from home. There are many kids playing in public parks and amateur leagues. Perhaps if MLS starts scouting in the inner city schools and big parks, the MLS would have much greater success in the hispanic demographic. Personaly though, I'm impartial and I really don't care what the demographic is as long as I see good soccer.

Anonymous said...

Where are we?

We're playing futbol on Saturdays, Sundays, and any other day we can play.

US Soccer and the MLS is barely getting serious about this. Welcome to 2009!

In the meantime, FMF clubs are building facilities and creating camps all over this great country. EPL clubs too.


Timmy said...

RBNY employs 85% of hispanic MLS players

JL said...

^^^Timmy, where's your source?

Anonymous said...

God im so sick of this racist bs. It has nothing to do with them being hispanic and more a social class thing. You think poor white kids like Clint dempsey get the same chances as rich white kids do. NO. Dempsey and his family made it work though.

If your poor you never get the same chances, that works for everything in the world. The rich hispanics have more of a chance to be successfull than the poor ones.

People need to relax and give the country time to even out race and social class, right now white people are the wealthiest, but its evening our slowly.

Anonymous said...

LOL, what's racist about it?

Anonymous said...

Racist? Que que?