D.C.'s Brazilians Rock New Looks For '09 To Mixed Results


See what happens when you get to messing with your hair, Luciano Emilio? You f*ck around and end up in Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Bog somehow looking like a bootleg, Brazilian version of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Dude seriously looks like he got his sh*t weaved up at a Dupont Circle hairdresser's during Capital Pride. But compatriot Fred fares somewhat better with his new mohawk.

And all these years I thought 'getting a Brazilian' resulted in a clean shave.


Anonymous said...

More like Pedro Martinez

MLSR said...

One wonders what hair style DC's newest Brazilian, Roger, will rock?

Here is one he did rock.

Dominghosa said...

Exactly what I thought Anon.

peteo said...

I'm thinking 3/4 of Aussies rock the faux-hawk. Fred is just blending in.