Cunningham's Missed CCL Sitter Not Forgotten


So it looks like the Canadians are taking this whole CONCACAF Champions League thing waaaaay more seriously than anyone else. If the whole of Le Plateau buying tickets for Montreal's match on Wednesday night (over 45K have been sold so far) wasn't enough of an indication, the Toronto Sun personally blaming Jeff Cunningham for TFC's elimination kinda seals it. Crazy. It's like soccer is a real, live, professional sport up there with heaps of interested fans and journalists prone to fits of overzealous, half-baked finger-pointing. If only someone could figure out how they do that up there.


Duane Rollins said...

Jeff Cunningham is dead to me.

Anonymous said...

Canadians understand they came from somewhere in Europe before landing in Canada and indulge in their heritage. Most American's don't acknowledge their history. Canada also has a lot of 1st generationers compared with the US. World of difference.

A.Ruiz said...

I still haven't seen a video of it, I'm still wondering whether it's worst than Chad Barrett's missed sitter vs Kansas City early in 08.

That's one way of saying it, another way would be that Canadian culture/society doesn't really impose/assert itself onto immigrants.
I mean, it's pretty common to hear complaints about immigrants not self-identifying as Canadians.

Whether this is because Canadians are too polite and accommodating or as some Americans would say because well...what the hell is Canadian culture? Other than not being American or British or something(I wouldn't say that, but I've definitely heard this bandied about).

I dunno, Quebec tends to be a little bit more hardcore about assimilating it's immigrants. Probably because it has the same "Us vs Them" mentality that's more common in the US.

Anonymous said...

Media ripping a player for not performing? That's awesome! We need more of this

Jason D said...

I'd love to figure out what the hell they have in the water up there; trying to figure it out on my blog today. Duane (that guy to whom Jeff Cunningham is dead) gave me a little insight through a kick ass comment. At the risk of pissing off any Impact fans around here, I'll be pulling for TFC in this year's Voyaguers Cup.

Super said...

This is why I don't understand the near constant ripping of the idea of another Canadian team in MLS. They obviously care in the hinterlands, plus they have the fans to prove it...yet I have the feeling they will place another team in a less than ideal city that will only get 8,000-10,000 a game.