Can't Believe I'm Saying It, But I'm Feeling Giorgio Chinaglia This Morning

How can you not dig this sh*t in the morning? This is the sound of angels whispering the secret to Messi's brilliance in your ear while inhaling an entire tank of laughing gas. It's just so giddy & pretty. In my mind the video has a young Giorgio frolicking in a pristine, sunlit Alpine field with a nubile young lady with high-waist bell bottoms and 70's boobs cradled snug yet loose in a terrycloth sweater.

But it it can't all be sweetness and light. What would a Giorgio Chinaglia single be without a little bit of ego tripping? Check the chorus of "I'm the best in all the world, I'm the strongest of them all"; now is that some pre-Weezy swagger or plain ol' self-aggrandizing delusion? Either way, it's positively Giorgio.

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