And Speaking of Bruce Arena...

Nothing gets you pumped like bad Euro-dance music (I won't call it "techno" because that is just plain disrespectful to Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Derrick May and the rest of Detroit). And no one gets pumped like Bruce Arena. Put them together and it's like mainlining Rip Fuel and trucker speed through your eyes and ears at the same time.


Jared said...

This would be far better of a video if it were interlaced with the original fat guy numa-numa song, IMO.

I have a severe dislike for Il Bruce.
Also, even though you can't see it, the captcha word for this comment is "cringe." That's what I did for the entirety of this video

tfina said...

and yet no double fist pump from the goal against Mexico in '02.

Pity that