The Yura Movsisyan Russian Bootleg Mixtape

For the last year or so TOR has lobbied pretty hard for Big Kenny Cooper to get a few more caps. And thanks 100% to my efforts it has recently been called up. I'm kidding.

I think since it's a new year I'm going to get a new favorite striker to champion for a call up, and that striker is Yura Movsisyan. I know there may be citizenship issues but from what little I know I think he's eligible to play for the U.S. Coach bradley, can you make it so.


Super Rookie said...


good call. get this man in camp.

thepuck said...

I would agree, he looks pretty good from that highlight reel but that coulda just been the rammestein.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the video of sitters he's missed would be at least twice as long.