Video: USL Boss Francisco Marcos Should Teach a Class

Every year FSC does their Center Circle show live from the unintentionally hilarious NSCAA convention, the place where the MLS Superdraft is held. For me the now-requisite interview with USL President & Founder Francisco Marcos is always the highlight. The guy is a pony keg of erudite soccer knowledge & frank opinion. You never feel like he's being anything but genuine and it's such an about face from what you get from certain soccer honchos when they are in front of the mic.

I have no idea where this interview came from (other than my inbox, thanks Tony) but it touches on everything from Obama & diversity, immigration, USL ownership and some NASL history. Press play and get schooled.


Anonymous said...

this guy is a hell of a lot more intelligent than garber.

Anonymous said...

If this is a class, it is a high school class.

Anonymous said...

this is from something posted on the USL site. Francisco is always a character.