Video: The State of Brand Beckham's Marketing Appeal

Courtesy of comically named reporter Penny Tweedie of the International Herald Tribune. I'll play the role of contrarian and say that I don't agree; this is America, even if can't really "do" anything --even though I think it's obvious that he can still do a lot-- you can still be famous, you can still attract endorsments and you can still draw a crowd. Paris Hilton anyone?


Anonymous said...

yeah but in order to be someone like Paris you need to be 100% into being a media whore. I just dont think Beckham can do that, while having a family and a still somewhat sporting career. He cant exactly be at all the events for photo ops and such.

I dont think people will forget him tho but the whole big hoopla about his seems to be dying down, except maybe if youre a 16 year old Asian girl.

amy said...

Penny seems to be a big fan of the crotch shot.