Video: Landon's Scoring Two-fer vs. Mainz

That was goal one for Donovan in Bayern Munich's friendly vs. Mainz.

This was goal number two. In 5 matches for Klinnsman's crew he has 4 goals and an assist. It would be crazy to think that he could keep up this pace forever but if he can do it big like this overseas for a little while, I hope it'll really make some people reevaluate the quality players that the U.S. can produce. That is unless The Galaxy force him to come back in March.


Tom Meagher said...

I'll admit, I haven't seen any of these games, but it does make me wonder. Is this as much an indictment of the service Donovan gets in MLS as it is a testament to his development?

Or are we all just overly optimistic based on less-than-competitive friendlies?

The Ghost of Ibee said...

goal #2 is utterly pathetic FWIW

JustSoccerJerseys said...

I hope Landon remembers how to score when he suits up for the US National team during World Cup qualifying.