Video: ESPN Interview with Former U of St. Louis Player Vedad Ibišević

So far, Vedad Ibišević has banged in eighteen goals and seven assists in sixteen games for Bundesliga side Hoffenheim this season, making him the league's top scorer. But before he was hurtin' 'em all over Germany he was 1st team All-American and NCAA Freshman of the Year at St. Louis University.

Jeff Cooper, if you ever get your expansion franchise in The 'Lou, here is your McBride-like DP that can return home as a local-boy-done-good in 10 years. Start buttering him up now with regular care package's from Roper's Ribs ASAFP; no man can resist them.


Jin said...

Dude!!! It is SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY! Not U. of St. Louis.

Check it: www.slubillikens.com

Mayer said...
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Mayer said...

Roper's Ribs? how bout Ted Drewes frozen custard? they'll pack it in dry ice so it can be shipped to Vedad.