Video: Chivas v. Club America in Houston

Not that anyone besides Chivas and Club America fans care, but it's Interliga time. While most of the other games appear to have generated an Emmanuel Lewis-sized amount of interest, the "Classico de Classicos" was the event in Houston earlier this week; Roberston Stadium was heaving and the fans weren't leaving. If only Tecos v. Morelia would illicit such passion (read: ticket sales) in the 713.

I once had a conversion with one of the boss playas at SUM about the rapidly rising Red Bull Arena and what type of non-league matches would work there. One of my sugestions was to play the lame, but often effective ethnic card with the strong Portguguese and Scots population in the area immediately surrounding the stadium and stage some of the great rivalries in soccer; Benfica v. Sporting Lisbon and Celtic v. Rangers. He looked at me like I was nuts and said that they'd never do it without being paid Jay Z-money but agreed that that those rivalries are so intense that people probably wouldn't even care that it "meant nothing" because to them is always means something. And it would definitley mean more than 2,500 fans in the stands, which is what a few of the Interliga matches have pulled in.

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EricJ said...

This match was bad soccer and good crowd. Pachuca was great soccer and bad crowd. boo that.