TOR's Favourite Albums of 2008: #5

If you hung out in Denton, TX in the mid-90's to early 2000's and had a sliver of taste, chances are that you were down with Riverboat Gamblers. There is also a good chance that the band's singer Mike Wiebe aka "Teko Buller" aka "Rookie Sensation" sold you records at The X (the record shop owned by Dixie Witch's Trinidad Leal). And there is an even better chance that guitarist Fadi aka "Freddy Castro" hooked up with your girl on the DL (dude is an unrepentant ass magnet).

Anywho, To The Confusion of Our Enemies came out in 2006 but I never listened to it until 2008 so we gotta let some sh*t slide with this one. This album is all balls, energy and an almost Zorlac-like "Fuck You, We're From Texas" attitude that makes for about 50 minutes of nice, cocky, punk rock. Mess with it next time you feel like air drumming while shouting down the highway; you won't be disappointed.


BC said...

good call, hefe.

Anonymous said...

wow, way to stir up the memories of late 90's denton SF. i do miss the X, and to a lesser degree Fadi sleeping with my girlfriend.