TOR's Favourite Albums of 2008: #3

Al Green aka "The Reverend" made a huge return to the realm of secular music in 08 with Lay It Down. Produced by Soultronics badasses James Poysner and The Roots' ?uestlove --two parts of the holy trinity that created D'Angelo's Voodoo, which to me was the last truly important soul album-- this should have been titled Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By but sadly that name was taken.

While there will never be another "Let's Stay Together", this comes within grits-throwing distance of the Al Green that you heard coming out of your parents stereo during the Saturday night card game when you were growing up. Can I get an "amen"?


Martek said...

AAAAAAA-men! The Rev. Green rocks my wife, and thus, me! :>

Bamalama said...

The chances that 95% of your readership had 'rents listening to Green in his way back sexular days are about as likely as Kirovski getting called up for the Mexico match. That said, having a hip maid put some of us burb-ers two colors ahead in the SRA of cool school. All I can say is go see the man live!
He who bothers to load and unload a full hammond organ and DOUBLE Leslie amps (the thing that makes the fat churchy hammond sound that reverberates like whrrrrrrrr) on and off of stages across America in the age of synth and sample is like a two hour vacation in Memphis. And he personally gives out dozens of roses to the ladies in the audience. Still has his pipes too.