TOR's Favourite Albums of 2008: #2

My man Gary informed me that I put two number 5's on my top 10 music list. Apparently I forget where I left off before the holidays. Oh well. Regardless there are only 2 records left and by now I'm sure you've assumed that one of them is Kings of Leon's Only By The Night. It's polished & grandiose in a U2 way but still all growly & twangy at points. I'm so stuck on this one that I now don't totally hate their old records which are spilling over with their hippy-crusted take on southern rock.

The video above is for the song Manhattan from Only By the Night. And for sh*ts and giggles here's another three songs from their old albums which I can now stand for some reason (seriously, I used hate on this band worse than I've hated on Seattle expansion, FieldTurf and Thursday night match attendance) shot live in Austin.


Anonymous said...

I thought this would be number 1. Now I'm intrigued.

M. Komar said...

Oh what irony.

I love the first three Kings of Leon albums, but I hated Only by the Night.

Then again, KOL have a lot of lovers and haters.

Rob said...

Not sure how you hate on their earlier shit and like this. It's all trend-chasing stuff, just in different genres.

Anyway, I liked it too...but complete guilty pleasure

A.Ruiz said...

"Not sure how you hate on their earlier shit and like this. It's all trend-chasing stuff, just in different genres."

Totally otm.

They wear their influences on their sleeves, I sorta liked their 1st two records (guilty pleasures). Even though going from a southern rock revival ala Drive-By Truckers to New York garage/Strokes/Television style was jarring.
They went from some of the biggest strokes wannabes into U2 wannabes. U2 barely gets away with being U2.

It's been downhill ever since, I mean the mainstream laps it up...but I dunno...they're just not very creative.

SF said...

"U2 barely gets away with being U2."

Soooo true. HAHAHAHA. I still love 'em though.

CommonSense said...

I liked their strokes-type shit enough, but the new stuff is garbage (to me, obviously).

Still can't even come close to fucking with The Strokes.

amy said...

I have been mildly obsessed with this this album the past few days. Such "tangy and growly" edgy goodness. This was the first I had heard any of their older stuff though.