TOR's Favourite Albums of 2008: #1

It is my opinion that TV on the Radio's Dear Science is damn near flawless, and therefore number 1. What's your number 1 for 2008? The floor is open.


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

The Roots: Rising Down
Track-for-track, the most complete album last year.

Anonymous said...

My Morning Jacket's Evil Urges.

Ed said...

The Gaslight Anthem - '59 Sound

Anonymous said...

Great album...could not agree more.

Mateo said...

I agree with Faux Fur that Rising Down was slept on a bit, but I don't think it was the best album put out.

TVOTR would be my pick too.

Anonymous said...


anything on the FIFA 09 soundtrack FTW

Anonymous said...

N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds was my personal fave

M. Komar said...

Originally, Dear Science was my favorite of the year, but then Fleet Foxes' debut blew me away.

SCNewJersey said...

"Lost in the Sound of Separation" by Underoath

Dave said...

"The Age of the Understatement" by The Last Shadow Puppets

I still haven't heard all of TV on the Radio's "Dear Science" yet though.

A.Ruiz said...

My number one was portishead but TV on the radio was my number 2. I'ved love them ever since I noticed their name on the touch and go website 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

"Nouns" by No Age

Max said...

Wale - Mixtape About Nothing (not really an album, I know)

Also I'll second the nomination for '59 Sound by Gaslight Anthem.

Anonymous said...


And Hamsik is a beast and knows his hair is f'd up (Celebration vs Juve a couple of months ago LMFAO)

Rob said...

I liked Dear Science...but not as much as Cookie Mountain.

I'm halfway through my countdown. From those mentioned above, got Gaslight Anthem, Wale, No Age, Fleet Foxes but definitely not the new MMJ.


Jamie Z. said...

All in all, not the best year for music, but I'll throw a few of my favorites out there:

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
Delays - Everything's The Rush
The Duke Spirit - Neptune
Foals - Antidotes
Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
The Kills - Midnight Boom
Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke
Ladytron - Velocifero
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
The Presets - Apocolypso
Santogold - Santogold
The Stills - Oceans Will Rise
TV On The Radio - Dear Science,
Van She - V
The Virgins - The Virgins

noddables said...

no love for New Amerykah in the top 10 SF?