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As recently documented, I'm not a huge fan of hair on my head. If you want it on your head, then I'm fine with that but personally I like my bonnet like my women; shaven.

Rapunzel aside, the last person I expected to adopt my preference for the shorn look is our Sacha. My man on the inside, namely Chivas USA photographer Juan Miranda, snapped this picture of a decidedly less-Fabioesque Kljestan for Dentro del RebaƱo at yesterday's goat's practice and I'm sure that there will be many confused & distraught ladies throughout the New Soccer Nation as the word spreads. Frankie Hejduk and Gino Padula, you are now on the clock.

Whilst we're discussing it, yesterday I took delivery of the latest additions to The Largest Collection of Soccer-Related Literature in Eastern Monmouth County™, one of which is book entitled "Footballer's Hair" (which can be purchased as 'used' from Amazon.com for only $0.1 + S&H). Sacha isn't in it but there's an amazing cavalcade of soccer hairdo's & hairdon'ts in there that shouldn't be missed.

You should also not be afraid to test your knowledge of the follically challenged footabller's by taking this wholly unneccessary quiz. It's good times.


Adam said...

Celtic FC hazing ritual?

FC Uptown said...

Full Metal Jacket opening scene style, nice!

Anonymous said...


Jamie Z. said...

I got 15/31 on the hair quiz.

Anonymous said...

noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! its gone!!!!!!!!!!

thepuck said...

I never noticed how huge that nose is.