Steve Shak and FieldTurf: A Match Made in "Bad Idea" Heaven


So yeah. FieldTurf handed out their Soccer Coach and Team of the Year Awards for2008 today. At first I was just like "Huh?!" that such a thing existed at all because a turf company giving teams awards is like lung cancer victims receiving medals from a tobacco company for managing to survive. But then I noticed that all-time Metro-flop Steve Shak was on the panel that handed out the awards and suddenly the complete wrongness of it all --the existence of FieldTurf, them handing out honors to coaches that have probably lost a player to the effects of the product, Steve Shak being on a panel of experts for anything other than a seminar on "How Not To Live Up to High Expectations"-- made me laugh until milk came out of my nose (and I haven't even had anything to drink today).

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