Spurious Gossip of the Moment: Peter Nowak to Coach Poland


There's some talk emanating out of Poland that suggests that Peter Nowak will take over from Leo Beenhakker the coaching job of their national team following the 2010 World Cup. Whether or not this is in any way true I have no idea, so please don't shoot the messenger. However if it is true it sounds like a pretty good move for him; I mean, to go from assistant/U-20's coach to head coach of a middle of the pack European side at the beginning of the next qualifying cycle isn't too shabby at all.

That sh*t would kill Bruce Arena though. Well maybe not "kill" kill him but damn, dude has wanted a job in Europe since antiquity and had decidedly more success with D.C. United and with the senior national team but won't get one because of the nation on his birth certificate. I guess those are just the breaks.


Don't be offended said...

Maybe it's not the nation of birth, but more of his inability as a coach. Brucey boy should go retire and hangout with the likes of Lalas, Wynalda, Balboa, and Cobi Jones. Might as well bring Donovan too. Maybe they can start their own team somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Dont be naive, its definitely about where he was born and his pedigree. Any other non US coach who took a US squad where he did in 04 would have had many offers in europe.

Anonymous said...

He has terrible tactics and he is the reason we were so terrible in the last world cup.